September/October 2020 Newsletter


Greetings all,

It has been a couple of great months for GTU Jet!

I sat down recently with the Airport Manager Joe Carney to talk about current projects and operational items. Joe told me he is working on getting solar powered taxiway lighting for Taxiways F & M and along the pavement edge near the compass rose. The target date for installation is between October to December. The Airport is also working to install an emergency generator to run the terminal and runway lights during power outages.

I was also informed that Georgetown Municipal Airport was ranked number 4 in the state of all towered airfields for the number of take offs and landings for the month of August. This includes Dallas-Ft Worth, ABIA, and Houston.

To help manage this increase in traffic, the ATC manager is trying to add one additional staff member to help during the peak hours. Let us all try and do our part in supporting this effort as it can only make things safer for everyone.

Business has picked up at GTU Jet and people have taken to the skies! Hangars are full, people are flying, and it seems the word has gotten out about the great service at GTU Jet because transient aircraft are pouring in as well. It's great to see and to have the opportunity to serve such wonderful people.

We have been busy doing maintenance and upkeep as well. The team does such a great job maintaining and caring for all the equipment. It all translates to safe, efficient, and prompt service for all our customers.

As always, it is our honor and pleasure to serve you, we could not ask for better customers to serve!

Brad Lamb General Manager


Use of our crew car has been reinstated with adherence to COVID-19 regulations per the City of Georgetown. We continue to do our best to keep a clean and safe FBO and work space for our customers and staff. As a reminder, masks are still required to enter the FBO.


If you haven't noticed, there is a new windsock near the east ramp. The airport allowed us to install a small, non-official windsock for helicopter operations departing and landing on the east ramp.

Special thanks to our Facilities Manager, Bradley Bohls, for helping with the engineering and installation of the windsock. It was not an easy process, but Bradley conquered it.

GTU Jet has 2 offices available in Building 4! Conveniently located near the ATC Tower, the available space has a shared entrance and breakroom. Give Brad Lamb a call at (512) 869-0900 to tour the space and sign your lease today!


Capital of Texas EAA Chapter holds its meetings the second Saturday of each month and are currently virtual via Zoom. For more information visit their website.

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