July 2017 Newsletter


If you follow us on social media or have checked NOTAM's lately you know runway 18/36 is closed to connect new taxiways to the runway. With a 30-day closure anticipated, it will be mid-July before our primary runway is back in operation. July heat and the high density altitudes that go along with it will make operations on the short 4,100 foot runway 11/29 a challenge for larger aircraft. It is seriously impacting our business, but it is an investment in the future.

Over the past two years we've made significant investments in facilities, personnel, safety and service level. Those investments have resulted in an FBO experience for our clients that we're proud of. Our new facilities at the base of the control tower are convenient, fresh, clean and bright. Our team members are 100% NATA certified and test all fuel daily to ensure the safest possible product for you and your passengers. Helpful, smiling faces greet you and arrange for your every need to help make your travel experience the best it can be.

With the new taxiways Foxtrot and Lima leading directly to our ramp at the intersection of 11/29 and 18/36, we're hopeful that business will rebound nicely in the coming months. In the meantime, please consider telling people you meet while traveling that we're here and ready to serve. Word of mouth advertising is the most powerful form of advertising there is.

As always, thanks for your business. We truly couldn't do it without you!

Best regards,

Ken Mabe General Manager


Greetings from the ramp at GTU Jet!

Man is it COLD outside. Okay, now that I have your attention, let's get serious for a minute. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are serious medical conditions. As most of you know, Texas has very high temperatures during the summer. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can happen quickly. Even if you are in a shaded area or hangar, the soaring temperatures can cause the best of us to succumb to heat related injuries.

Staying hydrated is the number one way to prevent heat related illness according to WebMD. Water! Water! Water! The human body loses a tremendous amount of water, which is obviously how we as humans cool our bodies. There are numerous studies and opinions on how much water and other supplements you should consume to avoid dehydration. My suggestion is to research the topic and make your own decision. However, it goes without saying, you need WATER!

Knowledge is power and knowing when and how much physical exertion will affect you during these hot summer days is crucial to avoiding heat exhaustions and worst yet, heat stroke.

If you suspect someone might be having a heat related medical emergency, call 911 immediately. Having worked as an EMT and Law Enforcement, they are always happy to arrive and not be needed, rather than to be needed and not called.

Be safe and have a great summer,

Brad Lamb

Operations Director


It's easier than ever to contact us when you're in route. We now have a dedicated ASRI Frequency: 128.975 MHz.

Let us know when you're 20 minutes out and we can direct you to the correct location and accommodate any other requests.

Looking for office space convenient to Interstate 35? Look no further.

GTU Jet has office space available at the entrance of the airport. The space includes just under 700 square feet of office space: six (6) offices, receptionist area, and shared bathrooms. There is also an additional 3,690 square feet of raw space with attached private office and bathroom, and 924 square foot shop space all centrally located between the two hangars.

Ready to schedule a tour? Give Ken Mabe a call at (512) 869-0900.


View of the ATC tower from our new FBO location

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