We're Moving!

Tenants & Customers,

In case you missed our newsletter, we're excited to announce we are moving FBO operations to GTU Jet Building 4 located at the base of the ATC tower. The official move date is Monday, May 8th. During this time we may experience a phone outage. We ask you send all requests that day via email to ops@gtujet.com.

The new facilities include a flight planning area, pilot snooze room, conference facilities and a larger break room and rest area. We've also secured a dedicated ASRI frequency (128.975 MHz) enabling air to ground communications with the FBO as you are inbound to Georgetown.

We've invested heavily in ground support equipment to empower expanded operations including a new diesel powered GPU, lavatory cart, and nitrogen service. Naturally, we can't do anything without our professional team of aviation service professionals. We're staffed up, trained up, and ready to hit the ground running!

For most existing tenants, you'll probably want to continue launching from Building 1 (east ramp). Just call or email us as you would normally and we'll have you on-line and ready to go as usual. Your friendly GTU Jet line service professional will be standing by to help you with whatever you need. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us (512) 869-0900.

Thank you,

GTU Jet Management

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