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A message from our General Manager.

Looking for ways to better serve you.

No matter what industry you are in, the best companies listen to their customers. If you listen carefully, your customer will always tell you what you need to do to be successful. At GTU Jet, we're listening! The latest nugget we heard from our customers is adding nitrogen service.

Aircraft tires are filled with nitrogen because nitrogen gas is mostly inert, meaning it requires more energy to react with other substances. By reducing the percentage of oxygen, water vapor and other gases in your tires from 22% to 7% or lower, your tires will maintain proper pressure longer than if you use "plain old air." For example, with 95% nitrogen in your tires, they retain optimal pressure three to four times longer.

We are happy to provide this service for a small fee of $5.00 per tire. Just let your friendly line service technician or customer service professional know what pressure you need and we'll take it from there.

Speaking of service.... Did you know that we offer TKS Deicing Fluid service? TKS is an anti-ice/deice system originally developed during WWII to protect military aircraft. Based on my research it seems the name itself is an acronym of the three companies that initially designed the three components of the system:

  • Tecalemit (pumps)

  • Kilfrost (fluids)

  • Sheepbrige-Stokes (powdered metal)

We're happy to refill your TKS system for you for $24.95 per gallon. This is the same price you'd expect to pay from other sources, but we'll refill your system for you as an added service. We are all about the service!

As always... thanks for your business. We truly couldn't do it without you!

Best Regards,

Ken Mabe General Manager


Georgetown Airport Air Traffic Controller, Shannon Thomas, has received the Specialist of the Year award from the Air Traffic Controllers Association.

Over more than 15 years of service to the Federal Contract Tower Program, Mr. Thomas has shown an uninterrupted continuity of service to the flying public. Specifically, through the last 8 years since the Tower opened at the Georgetown Municipal Airport, Mr. Thomas has reached out to both of the flight schools that have been in operation the entire time, as well as several airport tenants to foster good working relationships between the pilots and the control tower. Mr. Thomas also participated in previous annual Runway Safety Action Team meetings to discuss airport issues with both the airport management and local pilots.

In February of 2016, Georgetown Tower underwent an FAA External Compliance Verification. Mr. Thomas was working Local Control during the evaluators observation of Tower operations. Because of his and Mr. Martell, the Ground Controller's attention to their duties, the FAA found the coordination between Local and Ground control to merit an Exemplary rating to Georgetown Tower for Local/Ground Coordination. The FAA had previously identified "Lack of appropriate or incomplete coordination among operational employees" among the Top 5 hazards in their Special Emphasis Items.

Congratulations to Mr. Thomas and thank you for all your hard work. We are lucky to have you at Georgetown Municipal Airport!


GISD Ed. Foundation's new fall fundraiser will feature 50 manly teams, including mayor Dale Ross, superintendent Dr. Fred Brent, police chief Wayne Nero, fire chief John Sullivan, and more, showcasing their culinary talent with appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Team creations will be judged by guests and award

ed by popular vote - there's nothing like a little friendly competition to get things cookin'!

Don't miss your chance to be part of the biggest cook-off in town - register a team, become a sponsor, donate to the silent auction, or buy your tickets today. Every dollar benefits the students of GISD.

To purchase tickets visit http://www.gisdedfound.org/50-fellas-foodfest.html


We always keep our fuel prices competitive, but now we would like to show our appreciation to our Tenants at GTU Jet! As of October 1st, we are offering a new Tenant rate for 100LL AVGas. If you are in any of GTU Jet's buildings or T-hangars, we are happy to send the truck to top you off.

Don't forget to follow us on social media or check our website often for our most up-to-date pricing.

GTU Jet's Building 3 is the perfect solution for an aeronautical company or flight department looking for an all-in-one solution. This hangar is perfectly located for easy access to runways, making getting in and out a breeze.

The adjacent 1,728 square feet of office space includes four (4) offices, receptionist area, and two (2) bathrooms (including shower). The 12,200 square foot hangar features large sliding doors (79.5' wide x 19.8' high), monitored fire suppression, and a compressed air system.

Ready to schedule a tour? Give Ken Mabe a call at (512) 869-0900.


Donald Powell came out of retirement and joined the GTU Jet team

in April of 2016.

Prior to joining the GTU Jet team, Don served 20 years in the US Army, where he held numerous positions from Crew Chief on Apache helicopters, Maintenance Supervisor, Production Control, Platoon Sergeant, Senior Maintenance Trainer / Evaluator, First Sergeant, and Battalion Sergeant Major.

After retiring from the Army, Don worked several years as a Program Manager/Integrator for the US Army Apache Helicopter Project Management Office, in their San Angelo, TX facility. There he monitored the air frame, avionics and aircraft survivability equipment modifications of post-delivery Apache Helicopters. Upon the closing of the San Angelo facility, Don made the decision to retire and stay in Texas where he and his wife Christa bought a house in Round Rock.

In his spare time, Don enjoys hunting, fishing, riding his Harley and most recently started training for his Private Pilot License. Don and Christa are looking forward to their daughter relocating from Seattle, WA to Cleveland, OH in October- slightly closer to them in Texas.


Our Customer Service Representatives are here to make your travel easier!

We are happy to make hotel reservations, rental car or even limo arrangements for you!

One of our newest relationships is with The Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center in Georgetown. They have extended to GTU Jet Customers and Tenants a special corporate rate. Call us the next time you need a hotel room and we would be happy to make those reservations for you.

We are lucky to have relationships with many of the hotels in Georgetown and would be happy to reserve a room for you at a location of your choice. Visit our website for a list of hotels in the local area.


Our staff has recently completed CPR and AED training. According to the American Red Cross, CPR & AED skill retention declines within a few months of initial training, that's why we feel it necessary to continuously train our staff so we can be prepared in any type of emergency situation.

Thank you to Lieutenant Gilliam and the Georgetown Fire Department for taking the time to re-educate our staff.


We always enjoy when military aircraft come in. This one was on a pre-flight voyage with Boeing.

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